Friday, 19 September 2014

In the Shade of Green Trees

Sit still with me in the shade of these green trees, 
which have no weightier thought than 
the withering of their leaves when autumn arrives, 
or the stretching of their many stiff fingers 
into the cold sky of the passing winter. 

Fernando Pessoa 

... Wishing you a peaceful weekend,

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Photos with iPhone5: Camera+, Snapseed & VSCOcam Apps -
Upper Photo: Privet photo veil frothe Botanical Collection by Love That Shot, Faded Crinkle 2 texture by Lil' 2 Owls
Lower Photo: Sepia & B&W Twist preset by Cole's Classroom, Privet photo veil from the Botanical Collection by Love That Shot


  1. Thank you, Nina ... I'll keep this thought in mind ... love the shot of you just sitting ...

    1. Hi Barb,
      I took a moment Friday afternoon - just sitting on this bench, enjoying the warm late afternoon (I was biking home from work) ... Wrapping up the thoughts from work, listening to the birds, and slowing down to the weekend :)
      Have a peaceful weekend, Barb!

  2. We will be quickly missing the green leaves and the appreciation of their shade on a hot sunny day. Such a relaxing shot of your feet. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thank you Nicki - The fall is arriving soon here as well ... this might have been one of the last warm afternoons, I'm happy I took a moment at the bench.
      Wishing you a peaceful & happy weekend, Nicki :)

  3. That's a beautiful thought. I really love walking in the forest with the smell and coolness of the shade. Nature is a wonderful thing. Found you at the sharefest. Have a great day.

    1. Thank you for leaving a note here, Patti, so I could follow you to your inspiring blog - I'm sending the tutorial on the sunflower wreath to my mom, the idea of setting it in the garden, so the birds can at the seeds, is just wonderful.
      Happy weekend to you!

  4. So peaceful and calm. I like the image of you sitting and enjoying the fall leaves. I will make a point to do just that this weekend. Have a good weekend!

    1. Hi Michelle, I hope you've enjoyed some moments outdoors this weekend - Being in the nature is both relaxing and inspiring!


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